There are two ways to build our 3D wooden puzzles/models.

1) You may just simply punch out all the wooden pieces and
connect  them together by using the picture at the front cover as
reference or guideline..

2) Another way (the most popular and recommended method) is to follow
our "
SMART" number-matching system. Each kit comes with a diagram
which is located behind its cover.DO NOT PUNCH ALL THE PIECES
OUT. Look for and push out  the first piece that indicates #1, then find
the second piece that also marks #1. Simply join the two #1 pieces by
interlocking the exact two slots or gaps together.

Next, you repeat the same procedure for #2, #3, #4... and so on. In some
cases, you may find more than two identical numbers because they are
going to the same location. Take for example, when you are working on a
vehicle, its  tires  or wheels will take more than 3-6 pieces to build and
they are going to the same locations.

Occasionally you may need glue to finish the assembly. A hot glue gun ,
wood glue or Elmer's glue will work well on them..

All our wooden kits can be painted and stained. Just use your
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