Our company
Since 2001 3D Wood Puzzles company has been offering the highest quality wooden puzzles/models to the general public,
corporations and many retailers. In addition, all our wooden kits are made of durable 3 mm or 5 mm multi-layers plywood.

Snap and interlock!
In most cases, all our kits do not require glue for assembly. All you need to do is to punch the parts out gently and to
interlock with other part(s). Moreover,  they do come with a "SMART" number-matching instruction.
Almost for all ages
From 6 to 60+ of ages, depending on your own experience,
many of our customers enjoyed minutes or hours of fun
building. 3D wood puzzles are very educational, interesting,
entertaining and rewarding. Many of our current customers are
first-timer and they do  enjoy putting them together and use
them as parts of their home decor.
We stand behind our products. If you find any defects within the
workmanship. You may simply return the item with the original
package and per-paid shipping cost. We will be gladly to exchange,
to replace another one  or to compensate you according to our
management discretion.
Innovative Design
Some of our wooden kits contain moving
parts. Take for example, a motorcycle's
wheels can actually spin and it's engine
can vibrate, the aircraft carrier loaded with
jets inside it's hanger deck with a sliding
elevator, an army truck with 4 turning
wheels and doors that can be opened &
closed, and more.
All wooden kits contain small parts that may be
hazardous to children under 3 years of age.
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